The thief mercilessly killed the dog after failing to rob the owner’s house.

Dogs are known as “man’s best friend” because they are known for being loyal to their owners. There are countless news stories that feature them. It seems like dogs can be considered heroes in their own right.

They can come at any time when their owner is in danger and rush to protect the owner.

There is a dog from Merauke, Indonesia.

The Story of His Boss – Achy Wijaya: One night his pet dog didn’t stop barking. That seemed to be a warning and he wanted to wake up from his sleep.

But Wijaya ignored that, thinking that maybe he just saw a cat or an animal.

But thanks to the pet’s incessant barking, he was able to scare away evil spirits that wanted to rob his house.

Wijaya continued to go to sleep and eventually, his dog stopped barking.

The next day, after waking up, he was shocked to find his beloved pet lying on the floor and dying in tears.

According to Wijaya, he found out when he got out of the house that his dog had been killed by heartless thieves.

Wijaya added that they wanted to take the dog to the vet but unfortunately, they were closed because it was Sunday when the tragic incident took place.

They tried to find ways to combat the deficiency in the dog’s body, such as giving him milk but failed.

Though against their will and they don’t accept what happened, on the same day they lost a friend and buried the hero in their yard.

He may have disappeared from their family but his memories and the heroism he performed will surely be remembered forever.

Watch his final moments in this video:

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