The reigning Miss Peace Thailand ends her term

 The reigning Miss Peace Thailand ends her term

Crowned Miss Peace Thailand 2022, the beautiful Engfa Wahara had a turbulent reign.

On April 30, 2022, beauty queen Engfa Wahara surpassed 76 contestants to win the title of Miss Peace Thailand 2022. Born in 1995, from Bangkok, she stands 1.7 m tall and possesses a sweet and charming beauty. Before being crowned Miss, Engfa Wahara was a famous singer with over 1 million followers on social media.

Engfa Wahara’s victory was warmly received by the public in the golden temple country. However, as a celebrity, she was mired in controversy. During her one-year term, Engfa was constantly in the news.

In September 2022, Thairath reported that Engfa Wahara unilaterally quit her training for the Miss Grand International 2022 competition to vacation with friends in Singapore for two days. Afterward, Engfa Waraha admitted her mistake for “disappearing” for 2 days without informing Mr. Nawat and the organization, which led to criticism of Mr. Nawat.


Following the incident, the chairman of the Miss Grand Thailand competition issued a “martial law” order against Engfa Waraha. “Even Engfa Waraha’s fans must go through the organization to contact her,” Mr. Nawat said.

After the incident, Engfa Waraha had to publicly apologize to the audience. “Thank you and I’m sorry for this situation. I apologize for disappointing many people,” she said.

Engfa Wahara is openly gay, so controversy constantly surrounded her gender story. Since participating in the Miss Peace Thailand 2022 contest, Engfa was rumored to have feelings for the beautiful Charlotte Austin (5th Runner-up). They never denied it but always appeared intimate and affectionate at events. Recently, Engfa and Charlotte even had a kissing scene in a movie, making fans more curious about their relationship.


As a singer, Engfa had a controversial performance style on stage. She often made movements considered obscene. When performing with the famous Thai rapper DABOYWAY at the Iconsiam area in Bangkok, Thailand, Engfa’s intimate movements with him led to criticism.

Later, Engfa responded to the public’s criticism. Thairath quoted her as saying, “Many people say I dance badly and obscenely, but I came to the performance as a singer, not a beauty queen. From now on, I don’t care about anything.” The beauty was considered stubborn, not accepting the audience’s feedback.


After being crowned Miss Peace Thailand, Engfa faced many rumors about cosmetic surgery. Her former company once shared that they had paid for her cosmetic surgery before the beauty pageant. Engfa also got involved in litigation with her former company. Sangrawee Entertainment sued Engfa Wahara and demanded compensation of 1.2 billion baht (about $33.1 million USD).

The Thai representative participating in Miss Peace International 2022, Engfa, faced numerous controversies. She was accused of receiving favoritism from Mr. Nawat – the chairman of the competition. She also sparked debate about her language skills. She once burst into tears at a dinner party while talking about her inability to speak English.


Winning the title of 1st Runner-up in the Miss Peace International 2022 competition, Engfa was criticized for being undeserving. Especially, her clumsy English-speaking performance in the grand finale angered the public even more. The audience believed that other beauties in the top 10 were more deserving than Engfa to win the 1st Runner-up title.

Despite numerous scandals, Engfa was still pampered by Mr. Nawat because she was considered a “golden goose”.

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