Series of magazine models ‘disguised’ as sexy female employees are criticized

 Series of magazine models ‘disguised’ as sexy female employees are criticized

Men’s magazine Maxim is constantly criticized for using the “sexy female employee” photo concept.

Men’s magazine Maxim Korea is constantly criticized for using photo concepts related to professions. In particular, the “female office worker” concept is maximally exploited to enhance the models’ hot bodies.

Most recently, the images of a female model known as Sunskye in the role of a “sexy employee” were posted on social media by the magazine, stirring up controversial opinions from netizens.

The beautiful Korean stands out with a sexy figure and super hot S-shaped curves in a white shirt hugging her body combined with a short skirt. Some Kore an women left comments expressing their frustration as their profession was not respected.


In addition, there were many opinions defending that these are photo shoots for a men’s magazine, so these photo concepts simply express novelty, creativity for entertainment purposes. It shouldn’t be too harsh and overly dramatize the issue.

Model Sunskye is alluring in the “sexy female office worker” concept in Maxim Korea magazine.

She wears a tight shirt and a ‘shorter than short’ skirt, the highlight is the bright underwear inside and the cleavage showing a peek of her chest, causing many Korean women to be outraged.

Maxim Korea magazine is accused of overusing “professional” concepts with excessive exposure, causing a strong wave of opposition from women working in related jobs.

However, many people believe that men’s magazines can completely use bikini and lingerie photo concepts to display the beauty of the model’s body, and should not sensualize professional uniforms in such an unsophisticated way.

Previously, this magazine has been warned many times for letting models wear “navy”, “nurse”, etc. uniforms, causing outrage. Above all, it shows a lack of respect for women in society in particular.


Maxim magazine has often caused controversy with photo concepts disrespecting professions such as: Teacher, student, nurse, office worker, secretary…

In particular, the “female office worker” concept with body-hugging clothes is always used by this magazine to thoroughly glorify the model’s hot body in tight shirts not covering the whole chest and short skirts.

Occasionally, the models will transform into “hot secretaries” wearing short skirts, posing provocatively on a chair.

The most typical example has to be models casually wearing super short nurse dresses with patterns of stripes, eye-catching red bows, posing seductively…



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