Reigning Miss International Rarely Seen in Swimwear

 Reigning Miss International Rarely Seen in Swimwear

Reigning Miss International 2022, Jasmin Selberg, recently shared a swimwear photo that caught the attention of fans. This is a rare occasion for her to showcase a bikini photo.

On May 9, the current Miss International 2022, Jasmin Selberg, posted on her personal page a picture of her in a one-piece swimsuit, showing off her attractive figure. This is one of the rare times the German beauty has posted a sexy photo since her coronation. Before that, she was associated with a modest, elegant image.

Jasmin Selberg also wore a similar one-piece blue swimsuit during the swimsuit competition of Miss International 2022, held in Japan. She impressed with her notable height, slender, seductive figure, and smooth white skin.

Previously, Jasmin Selberg showcased a bikini at the Miss Supranational 2022 contest. The beauty wore a yellow bikini, showing off her sweet beauty.

At the Miss Supranational 2022 contest, Jasmin Selberg did not achieve high results. Her elegant beauty was considered not to match the criteria of this beauty pageant.

Jasmin Selberg, 23 years old, standing 1.78 meters tall, is currently a History and Philosophy student at Ruhr University in Bochum. When crowned Miss International 2022, Jasmin Selberg received public support. Her sweet beauty was considered appropriate for the criteria that the Miss International contest was looking for.

Even though she convincingly won Miss International 2022, Jasmin Selberg is considered to have had few prominent activities during her term.

After her coronation, Jasmin Selberg returned home to Germany to reunite with her family, rest, travel, and participate in some interview programs and talk shows on television.

Compared to other beauties, Jasmin Selberg is rated as less active and not outstanding in the media. She also travels abroad less than other reigning queens.

Since the final of Miss International 2022, the contest’s homepage has rarely updated photos and information about Jasmin Selberg’s activities. Fan interaction on the Miss International contest’s homepage is also sparse and lacks excitement.

After participating in the Miss Czech Republic 2023 finals on May 11, Jasmin Selberg will visit Indonesia on May 19 and has a working trip to Vietnam at the end of May.

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