Mixed-race beauty Kelly Gale shows off her stunning figure in bikini

 Mixed-race beauty Kelly Gale shows off her stunning figure in bikini

The 90s-born model frequently posts irresistibly hot bikini photos on her personal page, making men swoon.

Owning a voluptuous “bust”, Kelly Gale’s poses on the beach are incredibly charming.

The model born in 1995 has a striking mixed-race beauty because she carries Indian – Australian blood, was born and raised in Sweden.

Standing at 1.8 meters tall with a hot body down to each centimeter, she is a leading model of Victoria’s Secret, Sports Illustrated swimsuit magazine, and has also appeared in Playboy publication.


On her personal page with over 1.4 million followers, the 90s beauty frequently posts photos showing off her smooth figure on the beach.

Her perfect curves, like a “live Barbie doll”, in “raw” photos that have not been edited, make netizens amazed.

She strikes sexy poses as if on the cover of a swimsuit magazine.


Kelly Gale particularly loves taking photos at the beach, especially under the sunset, most of her pictures on social media are in the middle of the ocean waves.

The 90s “long-legged” beauty says that to maintain a beautiful figure, she has to keep a healthy lifestyle, pay attention to the nutrition of different types of food, exercise 2-3 hours a day, and also walk, box, and do yoga…


Kelly Gale and her boyfriend who is over 15 years older – actor Joel Kinnaman have been dating for more than 2 years.

Last month, the model nodded her agreement and gave her boyfriend a sweet kiss…

…when he proposed to her on a mountain in California.


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