Miss Universe Olivia Culpo shows off curves that mesmerize men

 Miss Universe Olivia Culpo shows off curves that mesmerize men

Wearing a bikini to sunbathe, the American beauty is captivating with a body like a “sculpture”.

On her personal Instagram page with 4.7 million followers, Olivia Culpo posts photos of herself in a bikini, showing off her long, slender legs and a fiery, full “bust”.

The beauty queen wears a high-waisted bikini to accentuate her slim, toned waist without any excess fat.


The picture shows off a super realistic “small waist” with beautiful winding curves.

Olivia Culpo was crowned Miss USA in 2012 and also became Miss Universe that same year.

Although she is only 1.66m tall – a height considered “modest” in the modeling industry, the fiery body of Olivia Culpo makes all gentlemen swoon.


The “long-legged” beauty born in 1992 is also considered to have successfully “crossed over” into the film industry.

This captivating beauty has a stunning collection of swimsuit photos in Sports Illustrated 2023.

Her everyday fashion style is youthful and luxurious.

The U30 beauty looks youthful like a twenty-year-old girl.

After breaking up with former boyfriend Danny Amedola, Olivia Culpo is currently dating younger football player Christian McCaffrey, who is four years her junior.


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