Miss Thanh Thuy is a devotee of sexy fashion trends

 Miss Thanh Thuy is a devotee of sexy fashion trends

The beauty from Da Nang has been looking even more stunning after her crowning four months ago.

Four months post-coronation, Miss Huynh Thi Thanh Thuy is increasingly captivating. Her fashion style is said to have “metamorphosed” from her early days as a queen. The beauty is keen on wearing styles that flaunt her sensual figure. The bra-top trend, loved by celebrities both nationally and internationally, is her go-to this summer.

Miss Thanh Thuy is synonymous with a pure style appropriate to her age. Recently, she has made an impressive shift, opting for avant-garde dresses.

With her slim figure, a height of 1.75 m, and measurements of 80-63-94 cm, Thanh Thuy easily conquers designs that show off her firm waist to the maximum.

The trend of flaunting bra-tops is popular, but not easy to master. To wear this style requires a genuinely firm waist. Alongside this, having a beautiful waistline helps Thanh Thuy feel confident.

To avoid offending sensibilities and experiencing malfunctions, bras are often varied in many shapes or paired with sophisticated jackets. Wearing a bra with a skirt helps the beauty complete her stylish appearance.

Not only does she have well-balanced measurements and a beautiful waist, Thanh Thuy also has straight legs, said to be no less than her predecessor, Miss Do Thi Ha. Understanding her advantage, she often chooses outfits that show off her legs.

Since being crowned Miss Vietnam 2022, Miss Huynh Thi Thanh Thuy has won the public’s affection for her striking beauty and impressive academic achievements. Fans are also looking forward to Thanh Thuy representing Vietnam in international beauty pageants in the future.

Speaking to Tien Phong about Thanh Thuy’s opportunities to compete internationally, Mrs. Pham Kim Dung said that the beauty from Da Nang has been making efforts to improve and develop herself. Mrs. Kim Dung also does not rule out the possibility of Thanh Thuy competing internationally in 2023.

Commenting on Thanh Thuy, Mrs. Kim Dung said, “In terms of physique, Thanh Thuy is very beautiful, comparable to her international peers. Thanh Thuy has good height, beautiful long straight legs, and overall well-balanced body measurements. Particularly, Thanh Thuy’s face is sharp but still carries the beauty of a Vietnamese woman, deeply imbued with Eastern features,” Mrs. Dung shared.

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