Long-Legged Style of Chinese Beauty – Do Thi Ha

 Long-Legged Style of Chinese Beauty – Do Thi Ha

The Chinese beauty favors monochrome bikinis and short shorts, mini skirts to show off her 1.11m long legs.

Do Thi Ha is increasingly considered enchanting three years after her coronation.

Summer is also the time when Vietnamese beauties actively show off their figures with bikinis, and Do Thi Ha is no exception. She has fans admiring her toned, seductive body when going to the beach in her hometown. Do Thi Ha wore a pastel pink bikini, which is also her favorite color.

The beauty from Thanh province shows off her firm, healthy waistline. The highlight that always attracts attention whenever Do Thi Ha wears a bikini is her 1.11m long legs.

Right from the time of being crowned Miss Vietnam 2020, Do Thi Ha has been highly evaluated in terms of anthropometric scores. She is 1.74m tall and has straight, sleek legs measuring 1.11m.

Do Thi Ha prefers to wear monochrome bikinis to show off her long legs. She often wears designs in gentle pastel tones such as light pink, light purple. She rarely wears patterned bikinis or bright colors.

In addition to bikinis, shorts are also a fashion item that the beauty often uses to show off her long legs. Jeans shorts give her a dynamic, personal look in everyday life.

When traveling at the airport, Do Thi Ha also prefers shorts because they give her a dynamic, comfortable look. Even with simple clothes, she still stands out.

In addition to bikinis and shorts, mini dresses with a length above the knee are the “item” often used by Do Thi Ha to show off the beauty of her legs. Mini dresses combined with thin-strapped sandals, open-toe design help her fully show off her 1.11m long legs.

Various short dress styles not only help Do Thi Ha show off her long legs in everyday life but also make her stand out when attending events. The blazer-transformed dress helps Do Thi Ha fully exploit the advantage of long legs.

When attending important events, she also has stylists choose dresses that help her fully show off her attractive legs.

With the inherent advantage and neat, professional dressing style, Do Thi Ha scores with the public with a charming, luxurious fashion style. Along with Miss Bao Ngoc, Luong Thuy Linh, Do Thi Ha is one of the beauty queens with impressive long legs.

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