Swimsuit supermodel possesses an amazingly golden body measurements.

 Swimsuit supermodel possesses an amazingly golden body measurements.

Natasha Oakley always makes people admire for her beautiful physique.

The Australian model and businesswoman recently launched a series of photos of swimsuit designs for this summer by Monday Swimwear brand founded by herself and her best friend.
Swimsuit products are always modeled by the owner Natasha Oakley
Natasha Oakley before becoming an entrepreneur was a famous model. She possesses a hot body with golden body index: 1m70 high and body measuresments: 94-64-94 (cm).
Extremely toned body, especially the number 11 abdominal muscles of Australian beauty always make not only normal woman but also many models also admire.
Besides the goal of business benefits, Natasha Oakley always send messages to women to tell them balance their life, improve confidence and care for their body whether fat or thin. Therefore, her swimsuit products are designed to suit the variety of physique, focus on the body’s curves of women.

She currently has 2.1 million followers on Instagram


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