Extremely sweet beauty of “Lingerie Angel” Taylor Hill

 Extremely sweet beauty of “Lingerie Angel” Taylor Hill

Taylor Hill shows off her sexy body in the new swimsuit design series of Victoria’s Secret.

The American model attracts people with her baby face but very seductive with anesthetic blue eyes…
… charming bushy eyebrows and curvy lips
Slender but extremely sexy body with a height of 1m78
Shoot super hot nude pictures of the United States model.
Tiny 2-piece swimsuits show off the attractive body curves.

The model born in 1996 is one of Victoria’s Secret’s 16 “lingerie angels”
Taylor Hill has been with Victoria’s Secret for a long time and has been promoted to an angel since 2015.

Currently, Taylor Hill has a huge number of fans on Instagram with 14.1 million followers – a potential online customer that any brand wants to target.

The “deadly” charm of Taylor Hill


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