Life of Miss Universe Thailand Mocked for Weighing 71 kg

 Life of Miss Universe Thailand Mocked for Weighing 71 kg

The beautiful Anchilee Scott-Kemmis is said to be increasingly confident and attractive. Miss Universe Thailand 2021 said she has learned resilience and fortitude after being body-shamed.

On her personal page, Anchilee Scott-Kemmis regularly posts photos showing off her full and seductive figure. The beauty is said to be increasingly slim two years after being crowned Miss Universe Thailand 2021.

Anchilee Scott-Kemmis is a beautiful Australian-Thai mixed race woman. She has a height of 1.83 m and measurements of 98-72-88 cm. At the time of her crowning, she sparked controversy when she weighed up to 71 kg. However, she remained confident in her natural beauty and was an advocate for the #Realsizebeauty movement on social media.

At the Miss Universe 2021 pageant, Anchilee faced the rejection of her own domestic audience after her performance in the semi-finals. Audience members expressed disappointment after witnessing her somewhat lax figure and awkward catwalk steps.

After the semi-finals, Anchilee livestreamed herself crying bitterly, expressing that she had done her best and would not change herself, as she always had confidence in her natural beauty.

In the final night of Miss Universe 2021, Anchilee was not called into the top 16, causing disappointment among the audience. However, her inspiring story still left a mark on the Miss Universe 2021 competition.

Strong as she was, there were times when Anchilee was deeply distressed when heavily body-shamed. In February 2022, she broke down and said she was bracing herself to endure the attacks from the audience. “I have received countless negative comments due to my large size and not making it to the Miss Universe finals in December 2021. They blamed my coarse appearance as the reason for Thailand’s poor performance in the beauty contest. I am hurt and deeply disappointed,” Anchilee shared.

According to Anchilee Scott-Kemmis, the comments and criticism seriously affected her mental health.

The beauty said she once considered suicide like Cheslie Kryst – Miss USA 2019 who died on January 30, 2022. Fortunately, Anchilee was able to pick herself up, abandoning such extreme thoughts.

While Anchilee Scott-Kemmis was heavily criticized, many of her predecessors spoke up to protect her, including Miss Universe 2011 Leila Lopes. “I see nothing wrong with her catwalk. All of you say her catwalk is bad just because you don’t like her figure. Why do all of you applaud the beauties who have undergone cosmetic surgery but can’t praise a completely natural beauty queen who is advocating for the real beauty of women,” Leila Lopes wrote on her personal page.

After these events, Anchilee has regained her spirit, often appearing radiant and full of life on her personal page. She also continues to actively promote the #Realsizebeauty movement on social media, encouraging women to be confident in their beauty at all ages and sizes.”

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