Kaity Nguyen follows the ‘naked’ transparent dress trend

 Kaity Nguyen follows the ‘naked’ transparent dress trend

Actress Kaity Nguyen wears an ultra-thin dress over a bikini when going to the beach to make her curves more attractive.

The trend of wearing ‘almost naked’ thin, clingy dresses is favored by Vietnamese celebrities this year, and Kaity Nguyen is no exception. Wearing a sexy outfit to the beach, the actress shows off her hourglass body and the vibrant physique of her twenties.

The dress worn over the bikini does not function to cover the body but makes Kaity Nguyễn’s curves look even more sizzling.


Despite not having model height, the ‘Jail-bait’ beauty scores with her robust, firm physique. She also frequently wears bikinis to show off her figure.

Having naturally full breasts, Kaity Nguyen likes to wear cut-out and push-up swimsuits to highlight her body advantages.

On her beach trips, the 23-year-old beauty changes a variety of bikini styles but all follow the daring revealing style.

Kaity Nguyen experiments with many fashionable swimwear styles. In addition to the thin dress, she also wears bikinis with crop tops, wrap tops, or waist-accentuating string designs.


Wearing a loose shirt over her bikini, Kaity Nguyen creates a half-covered, half-revealing look.

The tiny bikini helps the actress show off her bust, straight legs, and fair skin.

Transparent, fragile styles are the familiar style of the beauty born in 1999 on her vacations.


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