Many movie events were canceled due to Corona (nCoVid-19)

 Many movie events were canceled due to Corona (nCoVid-19)

Disney postponed the launch of an online movie service in Europe while the Red Sea Film Festival (Saudi Arabia) was canceled.

When Covid-19 was spreading in Europe and America, entertainment events and media were affected. According to Hollywood Reporter, Disney canceled the launch of Disney + online movie platform in Europe, scheduled for March 24. Previously, they planned to invite journalists to London (UK) for press conferences and discussions. Instead, a piece of content will be introduced over the Internet.

Also according to Hollywood Reporter, the Red Sea Film Festival will not take place on March 12 as expected, because the host country of Saudi Arabia has just announced the first case. The Middle East country even issued a restriction on pilgrims to Mecca and Medina – two Muslim holy places. Earlier this week, the Thessaloniki documentary film festival (Greece), the APOS conference (for leading entertainment and media companies in Asia) were canceled.

Blockbuster “Mission: Impossible 7” starring Tom Cruise delayed filming in Italy due to the disease. Photo: Paramount.

The South by Southwest Film Festival (SXSW, in Texas, USA) – one of the biggest film events in March – is under pressure to stop organizing. According to The Hill, 17,000 people signed the proposal to cancel the event scheduled to take place from 13 to 22/3. They are worried because the festival is home to hundreds of thousands of people, from many regions. “It is irresponsible to hold such an event during an disease outbreak,” said Shayla Lee, a supporter of the program. The United States currently has 118 people infected with nCoV and nine died, as of March 4.

According to experts, the Covid-19 epidemic caused the film industry to lose at least five billion dollars, mainly due to a drop in the box office. China stopped operating theaters in January, while South Korea, Italy and Japan – the three major film markets – closed many theaters in February. The Covid-19 epidemic began in December 2019, starting with Wuhan (China) then spread to many countries and territories. Currently 93,168 people are infected globally and 3,203 people die.


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