Hot and sexy British Actress Kaz Crossley in cut out swimsuit

 Hot and sexy British Actress Kaz Crossley in cut out swimsuit

Kaz Crossley constantly updates sexy pictures with swimsuits despite being stuck for dozens of days at a 5-star resort in Thailand.

Kaz Crossley has yet to leave the five-star resort Sri Panwa Phuket, Thailand, to return to the UK due to the complicated COVID-19 epidemic.

Every day, she still updates sexy pictures, recently a series of photos wearing a pink one-piece swimsuit showing off her toned, balanced body.

However, the hip cut design makes the viewer “blush” because it only covers the most sensitive part of the body.

Trapped for dozens of days, Kaz always had to find a way to entertain herself to avoid boredom. Recently, she wore a two-piece bikini and lip-synced follow her favorite old songs.

In addition, she is actively training to not gain weight. Besides self-training and dancing, she also attended a Muay Thai lesson with a local coach.

Swimming is also a perfect choice when isolated at the beach resort.

The remaining time, she devoted to taking pictures showing off sexy curves.

Stuck for a long time, but “Love Island” star no shortage of costumes to wear. Every day she changed into a new, which has never be seen before.


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