Check out this hot half asian girl that makes boys go heads over heels

 Check out this hot half asian girl that makes boys go heads over heels

Phan Thuy Anh is popular on social media thanks to her exotic beauty.

Phan Thuy Anh (Born 2001, comes from Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Vietnam) carries 3 bloodlines: her father is Russian and her mother is French Vietnamese.

She is studying at Le Hong Phong Highschool, Vietnam. With a pretty face and a young athletic body she is model for many fashion brands in Vietnam.

“In the beginning of my modeling career, only 1 brand knew about and contacted me, since then it has gotten much better, but I am still more focusing on my education” – said Thuy Anh

Thuy Anh shared that she received a lot of compliments but also a lot of hate. “I was angry and cried a lot because I was criticized and demeaned by friends. I was sad and doubted myself when a lot of people told me that Im too skinny and ugly. But thanks to family support, I am always able to bring myself back.

After many times face with heat from rumours and dramas, Thuy Anh realized that she can’t please everybody and chose to live her own way.

When being too stressed, Thuy Anh likes to be with family and close friends.

In the future,this pretty young lady hope to participate in beauty contests.

Thuy Anh follows a young, energetic, sporty style and often seen in skinny clothings that compliment her body.

She has 17,000 followers on social media. Each of her posts garners a lot of attention.


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