3 female military woman, police woman was once underwear model, fitness coach.

 3 female military woman, police woman was once underwear model, fitness coach.

Police woman Adrienne Koleszar, hot firefighter Gunn Narten or “rose of the army” Noa Elharar are adored by their strong personality, bravery and attractive appearance.

Signed up for military service in Isareli army for 2 years, Noa Elharar (born 1998) became an internet sensation for her attractive and sexy appearance. People find it suprising knowing that she is a underwear model.

Series of photos of this pretty 22-year-old young lady in military uniform garnered a lot of attention during her service in the army. Started out as a model but Noa always highly regarded in bootcamp, she always finish the training routines well. A plus that leaves a lot of impressions on people is her big radiant smile. People can’t hide their disappointments when they found out that she already has a boyfriend.

On social media, Noa often show photos of herself sexy in bikini. Digital fame helped her becoming the face of many brands like Meriel Bikini, Billabong, Pinkshop Brazil…

Gunn Narten was once dubbed the sexiest firefighter in the world. She attracted hundred thousands of followers on social media thanks to attractive appearance, fit figure, strong personality. She is part of firefighting department in Stavanger, Norway.

Besides her main career, Gunn Narten is also a fitness coach. Through posts that provide informations about training methods, she hopes to inspire people about improving themselves.

As of this moment this Norway female firefighter is mum to a little girl. Although being busy, she still has time for her family, they travel together and leave good memories.

Adrienne Koleszar (age 35) is a German police officer, she got more than 600.000 followers on her social media. With a beautiful face, a slim fit, sexy figure, it’s no wonder she got such attention.

Being a fitness enthusiast and a outdoor sport player, this policewoman possesses the perfect body. Adrienne Kolesar always cofidently shows her muscular but fit body in sexy bikini. She is also a model adored by brands.

An outstandingly attractive appearance brings her fame but not without some troubles, especially in her main career. Superiors complained that she garnered too much attention on the internet. She was asked to post less picture on social media or considering changing career path.


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