Celeste Cortesi has been actively appearing in revealing outfits since returning from the Miss Universe 2023 competition in the US

 Celeste Cortesi has been actively appearing in revealing outfits since returning from the Miss Universe 2023 competition in the US

Despite leaving empty-handed, the beauty still receives love from the audience in the Philippines.

Miss Universe Philippines 2022 continuously posts seductive images, attracting the attention of viewers. Many people comment that Celeste Cortesi’s beauty is much more beautiful than when she competed in Miss Universe 2023 in the US.

After returning from the competition, Celeste Cortesi rewarded herself with time to rest and relax. She went on a vacation, diligently posting photos showing off her figure in a bikini. The Filipino beauty is not hesitant to wear bold cut-out designs, showing off her curves.

Celeste Cortesi is considered a beauty with a bold, innovative, and diverse fashion style. She experiments with many different styles, but the common point is that they all show off the sensuality of her body. The beauty is also not shy about showing off her tattoos all over her body with revealing outfits.

Although she returned empty-handed from the Miss Universe 2022 competition, Celeste Cortesi is still loved in the Philippines. She appears in many events, talk shows on television, and judges many competitions. The beauty is currently one of the most cared-for queens in the Philippines.

After being crowned Miss Universe Philippines, Celeste Cortesi was considered a strong competitor in the 71st Miss Universe competition. She has a hot appearance, a sharp face, and professional preparation during the competition.

However, the strong Latin competition at Miss Universe 2022 made Celeste Cortesi and many Asian contestants drop out of the top. At that time, many criticisms targeted Celeste Cortesi because they believed she broke the Philippines’ streak of making it into the top at the Miss Universe competition.

Nevertheless, the beauty was still warmly welcomed by her home fans. “I can feel your love. I believe that my purpose is to inspire even without the Miss Universe crown,” she shared.

Speaking of her journey at Miss Universe 2022, she said: “The past year has been a challenging but exciting time for me. Representing the Philippines is a great honor. I have a burning passion for my country, from the islands, people to culture. I will always pursue the Philippine identity.”

Recently, Celeste Cortesi is pursuing an acting career. She participated as a guest in the final episode of the popular Philippine television series called Darna. This series is produced by Netflix. Celeste Cortesi plays the Queen of Marte, a goddess of supernatural origin.

Celeste Cortesi, 25 this year, is a beauty with a mixture of Spanish, Italian, and Filipino blood. She caught attention with her hot and liberal beauty and captivating mixed-race face. Before being crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2022, Celeste participated in Miss Earth 2018 and made it to the top 8.

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