Behold the seductive beauty of Shinji Kabe, the former Japanese national team defender’s girlfriend.

 Behold the seductive beauty of Shinji Kabe, the former Japanese national team defender’s girlfriend.

Kami, the girlfriend of Shinji Kabe, former Japanese national team defender, possesses breathtaking beauty and a sexy body that captivates countless admirers.


Kami was born in 2002 in Vung Tau. This 10X Hot Girl is currently in a beautiful relationship with football player Shinji Kabe, a former defender for Hokkaido, Kyoto FC, and currently playing for B.BD. Recently, they have been frequently posting happy pictures together on their social media accounts.

Shinji Kabe was once a promising young defender in Japanese football. He was also called up to the U22 Japan team for a friendly match against U20 Argentina in 2017. He successfully marked the renowned forward Lautaro Martinez, forcing the Argentine striker to leave the field early after a fierce contest.

However, at the most critical moment in his career, Shinji Kabe suffered an unfortunate injury, which affected his performance. He also received a call-up to the Japanese national team for a friendly match against Afghanistan on June 1, 2022.

Shinji Kabe and Kami frequently share happy moments together on their personal pages.
They are considered a talented couple in the Vietnamese football world.

Kami possesses exceptional beauty.

Shinji Kabe’s girlfriend, Kami, is a well-known hot girl of the 10X generation. During her school years, Kami gained attention after a widely shared photo of her in a military uniform. At that time, her photos appeared on many fan pages.

In addition to her stunning looks, Shinji Kabe’s girlfriend is also academically accomplished. She was a former student at Kyoto University of Finance. For 12 years, Kami consistently achieved the title of an excellent student and even won the Third Prize for History Excellence in Kyoto City during her 9th grade.


Furthermore, Kami was also crowned as the “Most Beautiful Female Student” in the “Beauty through the Lens” competition for high school students in Kyoto City, organized by Greenwich University in 2018.

With her beautiful looks, long legs, slender and sexy body, Kami has also ventured into the field of modeling. She is considered one of the most talented and beautiful WAGs (wives and girlfriends) among current Japanese football players.


Kami’s beauty is stunning and captivating

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