Beautiful Woman Returns to Beauty Pageant at 29

 Beautiful Woman Returns to Beauty Pageant at 29

Maria Alejandra López Peréz, a beautiful woman who previously won the title of first runner-up in the Miss Universe Colombia 2021, has been appointed to represent the province of Eje Cafetero in the Miss Peace Colombia 2023 pageant.

The decision to continue competing in beauty pageants at the age of 29 has surprised many.

On May 2, Maria announced her participation in the upcoming pageant on her personal page. After a two-year break from the pageant circuit, she is now considered a strong competitor in the Miss Peace Colombia contest, with many predicting that she could win the competition and represent her country at the Miss Peace International pageant in Vietnam in October.

In 2021, Maria was considered a strong contender for the Miss Universe Colombia title but ultimately lost to beauty queen Valeria Ayos (second runner-up – Miss Earth Water 2018). Despite only securing the title of first runner-up, Maria lost the opportunity to compete in the Miss Universe pageant, a decision that disappointed many fans.

Now, after a two-year hiatus, Maria has decided to return to the pageant scene with her participation in the Miss Peace Colombia 2023 pageant, showing high determination and ambition.

Maria is highly regarded for her beauty, standing at 1.76m tall with body measurements of 90-64-95 cm. She frequently posts photos showcasing her attractive figure to her personal page, which boasts more than 270,000 followers.

In addition to her modeling career, Maria is also multilingual, able to speak English, French, and Spanish. She first began competing in beauty pageants in 2013, accumulating impressive achievements along the way.

She participated in the Señorita Colombia 2013 contest and won the Miss Caraibes Hibiscus 2014. In 2015, she won the Miss World Colombia contest and later represented her country in the Miss World 2015 pageant in China.

If she wins Miss Peace Colombia, Maria will travel to Vietnam to compete in Miss Peace International 2023. Her fans are hoping that she will “make a difference” and have the opportunity to compete internationally once again.

Last year, Colombia’s representative at the Miss Peace International 2022 was beauty queen Priscilla Londoño, who secured the fifth runner-up position. Colombia has consistently produced strong contenders in both the Miss Peace pageant specifically and other beauty pageants in general. Colombian beauty queens are highly regarded for their attractive figures and impressive performance skills.

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